About Barbara Rucci

Barbara Rucci is the imaginative designer of b. rucci paper. Founded in 1998 before the birth of her first daughter, Grace, Barbara's home studio is where you will find her whenever her three kids are happily playing, or at school. She loves her job and her passion shows through the beauty of her work.

Barbara has had a lifelong love for paper. Whether binding homemade books, carefully lettering notes or simply folding paper into the tiniest of boxes, her fingers were always busy "making stuff". With a BA in textile design from Skidmore College, Barbara went on to start several of her own businesses, including handmade children's clothing and mural painting, before being captivated by the graphic arts.

Simple, charming and refined best describes the character of Barbara's work. She is forever inspired by the small things in life: Product labels at the grocery store, logos on the trucks that amuse her son on the highway, and the endless beauty in nature that surrounds her New England home.

Discover more about Barbara and her creative adventures by reading about her new business, tender threads, an eco-friendly company that designs quilts out of your old clothes.